Blues guitarist Bobby Messano is a legendary artist who has garnered 25 first round GRAMMY nominations, released 5 contemporary Blues CDs, and placed songs on major TV and cable channels. He has played on more than 60 albums and played live for Stevie Winwood, Lou Gramm, and chart topping Country artists Rodney Atkins, Jimmy Wayne and Steve Holy.

cropped-Love_Money-copy.jpg That's Why I Don't Sing the Blues holdin ground welcome_deltaville_lg
Bobby Messano Live In Madison Dominion Roads 300x300_messano

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Lexi Parr                                          Watch Me

Left of Reason                                 Left of Reason

Bobby Messano                              Welcome To Deltaville

(Grammy Balloted-Best Blues Album, Song of The Year x 2,Record of The Year x 2, Album of The Year , Best Americana Song x2)

Bobby Messano                            “that’s why i don’t sing the blues”

(Grammy Balloted-Best Blues Album, Song of The Year x 2,Record of The Year x 2, Album of The Year

Fiona                                              Unbroken

Bobby Messano                            Live In Madison

(Grammy Balotted-Best Contemporary Blues Album)

Bobby Messano                            Trials, Traumas, Tribulations & Demos

Shadows Of Knight                      A Knight To Remember

Bobby Messano                            Holdin’ Ground  

(Grammy Balloted-Best Contemporary Blues Album)       

Bobby Messano                            The Best of Bobby Messano

Bobby Messano                            Dominion Roads

Kristen Hall                                   Be Careful what you wish for..

Lawrence Gowan                           …but you can call me Larry

Bobby Messano & NBO                  In The Depths Of Live

Lou Gramm                                      Long Hard Look (Ghosted)

Messano                            Messano

Cindy Bullens                                  Cindy Bullens

Michael Pare’                                Michael Pare’

Scarlett Taylor                              Curiosity

Belouis Some                                   Imagination (Ghosted)

Chris Thompson                             The High Cost Of Living

Mark Kalfa                                     Once Around The Block

Martee Lebow                                 Love’s A Liar

Glen Burtnick                                  Talking In Code

Fiona                                                Beyond The Pale

Clarence Clemmons                        Hero

Joe Lynn Turner                           Rescue You

Fiona                                                Fiona

Robey                                              1 Night In Bangkok

David Hasselhoff                           Night Rocker

Starz                                              Live In Canada

Lorna Luft                                     Where The Boys Are

Gloria Gaynor                                I Am What I Am

RUSS TAFF                                  Walls Of Glass

Franke & The Knockouts             Makin’ The Point

Tycoon                                         Turn Out The Lights

Peter Criss                                    Let Me Rock You

BENNY MARDONES                   Never Run,Never Hide

Starz                                              Coliseum Rock

Stanky Brown                             Stanky Brown.